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Vortex 7/8 Bars

Vortex V3 Handlebars 7/8" Diameter
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Vortex V3 Handlebars 7/8"

Vortex redefines strength with the Vortex V3 Handlebars. These bars are 29% stronger than most standard bars on the market. You can ride with confidence knowing that Vortex has put years of research, development and testing into these super strong bars.


  • 29% stronger than other bars on the market
  • Left side knurling provides maximum grip traction
  • Crossbar on all handlebar styles

Choose A Bend:

  • HB821K - J. Murph Special J Murph Special 7/8" - Width 860mm/ Height 140mm / Rise 80mm/ Pull Back 108mm
  • HB829K -  Flat Track 7/8" - Width 870mm/ Height 135mm / Rise 119mm/ Pull Back 144mm
  • HB830K - Bonneville 7/8" - Width 865mm/ Height 153mm / Rise 113mm/ Pull Back 145mm